During high school I was sleep deprived. I went to bed way too late and woke up way too early. It followed me into the first years of my time in university. I couldn’t see the importance of sleeping and I was actually sleep deprived until I took an exchange semester in Nicaragua that turned into a whole year.

For almost a year I was sleeping without an alarm in Nicaragua. I absolutely loved it and I learned a lot about my natural sleep rhythm. I also learned how it was to live a life without fighting against being tired. I suddenly felt more positive, easier going, happier and being able to remember way better. During that year I learned that sleeping enough is crucial for my well-being and my feeling of living the life I want. Even though my life where similar to my life in Denmark in a lot of ways it felt way better. It was like a break that helped me to reflect about my life and how I actually wanted to live it and it made me question the way our society in my part of the world is created.

I have, since my epiphany, asked myself various questions that are helping me to create a life I appreciate and a life I feel have value and leaves me with space to do the things I like here in life. I want to share these questions with you today, because they helped me taking my life into a direction that feels aligned with who I am. I am in the moment myself in a process of reflecting on how and where I want to be, because I am soon done as a psychologist and then my life as a student is over. It’s a very big transition and especially in transition periods we need to be extra attentive and reflective or we can easily been drawn to what feels easy and expected – ending up living life we didn’t dream of.

How to write a life you dream of

I therefore created worksheets with the crucial questions that will help guide your life into a direction you want. I experienced that sometimes we only need to change very few things to create a life we are satisfied with. I e.g. needed to get more sleep to become a way better version of myself and to improve my feeling of well-being. So simple.

These questions will be guiding you to reflect and it’s the very same questions I use to direct my own life.  Like I wrote in the beginning of this post, sleep is very important to me. I function really well with nine hours of sleep and especially if they are laid between 11 pm and 8 am. I feel every day is bliss when I wake up after nine hours of sleep. I know that it isn’t always possible and that’s fine, but I function pretty bad when I get less than nine hours of sleep five days a week. I have discussed it with various people how it makes my life a little less great when I am tired. I have met a lot of people whom are telling me it’s a question of getting used to it or I just need to sleep earlier. I know they do it because they want to help, but it’s like when you first have been in another shape, you can’t go back. I simply don’t wish to get used to being tired. I wish to listen to my body and created a life from that, because it’s my body that is taking me through life. As you can read sleep is very important to me and it gives me quality and it helps me to create a life that I appreciate more and I feel gives me more quality. On a side note you can read more about being a morning or night person here and how to adjust life to it.

You can download the worksheets, print and write on them, but you can also just follow the steps here in this blog post.

1.  Describe a perfect day

How does a perfect day look like to you? What are you doing and how do you feel? Are you working, or you going for a long walk? Are you starting the day with a slow breakfast and what are you eating on a day like this? The reason why this is a great question, is because it can help you tune into what feels important to you.

2. Describe the feelings you feel on a day like this?

Now imagine the perfect day. How would you be feeling? Try to identify what feelings you would have on a day like that. Try to write it down very specific and in details. The reason why I want you to identify these feelings is, because I want you to realize what activities can help you call out those feelings.

3. What activities give you energy/nurture you? And what do you long for?

Write down the activities that give you energy, but try to have a focus on if any of these activities creates the feelings you are longing for. Keep in mind that you might haven’t wrote every feeling you wish to feel down and writing down activities can help you realize if there are any other feelings you want to feel more of. Write those feelings down too and nothing can be wrong. If it feels true and right to you, then it’s right.

4. What do you find important in life?

Try to summarize from the last three questions what you find important here in life. What do you really value and cherish? It might take some time to summarize and that it perfectly normal. Take some time to do it and come back to it tomorrow if you feel stuck. Sometimes the best thing to do is to sleep on it.

5. Find words that describe how you want to feel

See if you can boil the things you have written down to concrete words. Like ‘freedom’, ‘creativity’, ‘mindful’ or ‘slow’. Find some words that connects with you and feel aligned with how you want to live. By writing down specific words you can better take action in your life and let them resonate throughout your life like small mantras.

6. Where are you already implementing it?

I think the number one key to change your life to a more aligned one is looking for where it already is going well. It is always easier to make changes when something already is working. It can be very difficult to make changes if you feel that you need to revolutionize your life. Usually we already do some of the things we want more of and then it’s a questions of making more time for it and start noticing it. We ‘water’ the things(like plants) we give energy and by focusing, on where you already are implementing it, you will experience more of that.

7. How can you implement it more?

Now for the questions that almost everyone will ask you. Where can you implement it more? Use the earlier questions as your guideline. You can use the two sub questions to help you. Maybe you need to stop using your time on something that takes way too much time without giving you the feeling you want. Maybe you have an idea about where to start in order to implement it more.

Where can you start?
What do you need to stop doing?

Usually we feel that our life has to change 180 degrees in order to reach a life we dream of, but truth to be told. Most of the time it’s all about the small changes and about implementing more of what we already are doing. Changing your life for the better doesn’t have to be difficult.

Water the things you want more of

You can download the worksheets here by signing up.

If you feel stuck or have troubles implementing the questions in your own life and create the changes you dream of you can work with me 1:1 where I will be helping you implementing the changes you dream of. You can book a free 30-minute session with me to get clear on what you wish and how I can help you. Maybe you have some old beliefs holding you back and I can help you get clear on that.

Meanwhile take care <3