I want to help you into a more balanced life


Do you like your life but are longing for something more?


Do you want to feel freer?


Do you want to feel happier? Lighter?


Do you want to feel more peace and mindfulness?


Often we have a clear feeling of how we want to live our life or if we are set to imagine how life would be if there was no limit we know exactly what we would do. But somehow we end up not doing it, because something is holding us back. We might feel a little trapped, a little less happy and a little unsatisfied. Often it can be difficult to know what exactly is holding us back or know that it might a belief on how life should be lived that is holding us back.

Our thoughts are taking too much control, our beliefs are holding us back, limiting us and we end up creating our own prison.

I help you through sessions one on one.

We talk about what you are longing for and I’ll help you into getting more of that. I work in a very gentle and holistic way and we will be focusing on your belief, values, daily strategies and mindfulness.

I believe that life is like the sea. Sometimes it’s low and sometimes it’s high. I can’t give you a quick fix. BUT. I can help you listen more to yourself and what YOU are longing for.

I can help you into a breathing practice that’s fitting you and your way of living if you wish to.

I have two kinds of packages depending on your needs, but first you can book a free 30-minute session where we will decide if I can help you and it would be a good fit.

The clinical model

The clinical model is more traditional therapy where we also will be working with your life, but mainly be focusing on your troubles. It can be anxiety, depression, relational issues or stress. I work with cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness and I am always customizing individually depending on your needs.

6 sessions and up following mails
450 $ or 250 $ in two rates

The life model

In the life model we will mainly be focusing on you and your life. You might dream of making changes, quitting your job, moving to another country, starting a business or work through some of your deeper beliefs that are making realizing your dreams difficult. We will be working with changing your beliefs and habits standing in your way.

6 sessions and up following mails
450 $ or 250 $ in two rates


If you have any questions feel free to contact me on contact@shebbesen.com and I will guide you.

I use the video platform VSEE and have a BAA with HIPAA compliance. In other words it means that we will be talking on a video platform that is handling your private information in a secure way. I work under the Danish Association for Psychologists ethical guidelines.

VSee HIPAA-compliant telemedicine technology – Used by NASA astronauts aboard the International Space Station


Mindfulness helps you create a more balanced life. I got a small and kind exercise for you each day during the next 30-days including pep-talks, the theory behind mindfulness and different kind of exercises to be sure that something will fit your taste.

It is for everyone!

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