Stress is a natural response when you are in a situation where you need to perform extra or survive. Stress is actually a result of the fight or flight mechanism. It was a practical mechanism back in the Stone Age because we were able to survive. It can still be a practical mechanism, but it becomes a problem when we experience long-term stress.  Long-term stress comes in different degrees but stress becomes a problem when we still feel stressed even though there stressful event is over.That is way I want to talk about how to de-stress on order to avoid that stress controls you.

The first step to de-stress is to recognize when you are stressed by knowing your stress signals. You can learn more by that by signing up to my free crash course in how to release your stress in the bottom in this post.

The first three things, psychical activity, mental de-stressing and sleep are the most important in de-stressing.

Psychical activity

Psychical activity is the most important thing you can do to help yourself de-stress. It is very important to know that psychical activity should be mild and slow. High psychical activity is only stressing your body even more. Therefore things like walks are perfect because it help to de-stress.

Mental de-stressing

I don’t know if you know but watching TV, your computer or smartphone isn’t de-stressing. Watching a screen can actually be stressful or causing that you aren’t de-stressing. Why? Because is usually provide a big stream of information that you somehow need to process or take action on. Instead reading a book is way better or doing something creative like coloring. The thing about mental de-stressing again is about that the task or thing you do can’t be too difficult or hard.


Sleep is the last thing of the three first you can do that is very important to de-stress. Getting enough sleep. You have probably heard it before and I will say it again. You need more sleep than your think, between 8 or 9 hours. If you are stressed you need to sleep more than usual. I function at my best when I get around 9 hours of sleep. But if I was stressed I would need to sleep even more to help the stress leave the body.

Healthy food

When I write healthy food I by no means am talking about a diet nor being fanatic. I am taking about choosing to eat healthy and get your greens every single day, because proper nutrition helps the body.


Not only laughter, but also singing can be a helpful way of de-stressing because endorfines are being released. If you have a hard time find something to laugh about I personally recommend to take a trip to YouTube and watch funny videos until you crack. I promised you will be rolling out of the bed of laughter is it just a matter of watching enough videos.

Psychical well being

Psychical well being is very important too and it don’t have anything to do with exercises. It is about getting enough psychical contact and love whether it’s from a boyfriend or from family and friends.

A weekly day off

A weekly day off is a very helpful tool on order to restore ad maintain balance in life. When I mention a day off such a day isn’t meant for housekeeping nor any other practical tasks. A day like this is meant as a day off. A fun day where you have time to things you like and some of the things above.

These 7 ways are helpful to de-stress and if you could need some more information and help on how exactly to release stress from your life then you can sign up for my FREE crash course where I will be introducing you to exactly what is stress is, what stress signals are and exercises to help you get more straight on what really matters.


This crash course will teach you what stress exactly is, explain stress signals so you can use them to navigate in your life, teach you how to release stress and take you through exercises that will help you to prioritize on what really matters and FINALLY release the stress in your life.

Take action and make the change!

Meanwhile take care!