The year is slowly (or fast) coming to an end and soon we will be entering a new year. Personally I love it, because a new year means a new start and a new beginning. I feel like it’s the perfect time of the year to create a transition and a perfect moment to reflect upon the year I lived and reflect about how I want to live the coming year. I call it a life audit. I wrote last year about how to set realistic new years resolutions and this year I would like to go a little deeper.

It is still about how to feel gratitude about the year lived and feel joy about the year that is coming. Because it is very easy to settle and conform on how things are going without wondering about what could be different.

Like I said – I call it doing a life audit and to help you to do that I created some worksheets to help you manifest your intentions for the new year. I have a been breaking the whole process into small steps to help you do it. Promise me you will make it nice for yourself, put on your favorite music, light a candle and give yourself some time to reflect.

Whether or not you download the worksheets I laid out the steps for you to follow.

1. Write down the things you accomplished during this year

It can be easy to forget what we actually did during the year. Time flies by so fast! This exercise helps remember and helps put focus on the small things. It is practically a gratitude exercise for the year which is coming to an end. When you write this list think of every little thing that made you happy or grateful this year. Let me inspire you by mention a few things on my own list.

  • I visited my parents on their summer holiday. I only had three days with them, because I was working. But it was the best decision I made that summer to take three days off to spend with my family.
  • I volunteered as a counselor
  • I went on a meditation course with good friends.
  • I started doing yoga.

Now it is your time to write down the things you accomplished this year.

2. Write down the things you want to do next year

The next step is to write down what you want to do the following year. Again it doesn’t have to be anything big and I really recommend writing down things you already or almost have planned. Because it doesn’t make them any less special just because they already are planned. Let me help you get started be mention my own plans.

  • I want to take a weekend out and visit my brother.
  • I will finish my master in Psychology, and more important I will fight to make the process of writing my thesis a good one.
  • I will save up money so I can go to Mexico in the beginning of 2017.
  • I will go on a meditation retreat(again).

Actually the only thing that isn’t planned on the list is the weekend with my brother. So now it is your turn to write down want you want to do in the coming year.

Before we move on I want you to take a look on the two lists and feel grateful – for the things you did and for the things that has yet to come. I for example never planned on start doing yoga. But I did, because the opportunity showed itself and the timing were correct.

3. Write down a bucket list

What we truly dream of and what might be planned can be two very different stories. I had for years a dream of starting to meditate, but man did I know how to start or where to go. Absolutely not – until I took action. It is very easy to end up living another year without realizing any of the dreams we have. Because life passes by whether we do an effort to realize dreams that are important to us or not. That’s why doing a year audit can be helpful. Because it helps you to set intentions for the new year and be clearer on your goals. Because when you already in the beginning of the year have a clear sense of your true dreams and goals then you are able to get closer to them if not realizing them completely.

Write down some of the dreams and goals you have had for a long time or some that you feel within your heart that you are longing to accomplish. I want you to write a bucket list because it can help you to focus on what really is important to you.

4. Write down the 5 most important things you want to accomplish this year

You have your list of what you want to do the following year and you have your bucket list. Compare them and then identify the 5 most important things you want to accomplish this year. Maybe you will add something from the bucket list on to the 5 most important things. The key point is to reflect upon your dreams and goals. You might find it helpful to keep the list of the year that has passed in mind. Why? Because when I write down the things I did throughout the year I feel an extra contentment with some of the things. Like spending some holiday with my parents. This is a pretty good indicator of what bought me happiness and joy this year. And most likely I want to on hold to that so it will be on my list for the following year too.

5. Write down the action steps you need to take  in order to accomplish the 5 important things.

Some goals might be that big that it can be a bit overwhelming to accomplish them because where to start or begin. That’s why it can a very useful to break a goal down in smaller bits or action steps. Smaller steps you can actually take that will help you to accomplish the big goal you have.

Hopefully when you are done with the 5 reflecting steps you will be closer to identify your dreams and goals. And hopefully feel grateful for the year that has gone by. This process might take some time and you might have to use some time to reflect about it. That is completely okay. I usually do it over a few weeks, because as I am washing the dishes my subconscious is working on it.

I created two worksheets you can use to do this exercise. You just have to sign up and the worksheets are coming your way before you know it. By the way I don’t send a lot of emails so your inbox won’t be flooded by me.

By the way this exercise can also help to identify which things didn’t turn out to be worth it. Or things which time have come to cut loose. That is nice to know when you are planning the next year or are making decisions on what to do. That you know which things not to do again.

Take care so long, and I wish you a happy New Year!