I want to help you let go of the stress in your life and into more happiness and balance.

Hi there. I am so glad to see you.

I’m Sandra and I’m passionate about helping women into enjoying life more and embracing all the happiness that lie in our lives if we are present to notice it. That’s possible when we let go of the stress and manage to balance our lives better. I really do believe that it’s possible to create balance in life. I believe it’s possible for everyone. I believe it’s possible for you too! Do you believe it too?

Or do you feel that your life is a marathon?

That you feel you have too little time?

Do you feel that your life is always a bit too busy for you to really enjoy it and that you just have to get through the next few weeks and then all will be better?

Do you feel a heavy burden of important things that need to be done before you can enjoy life?

Then you are in the right place!

I know that feeling, because I’ve been there! I want to share a secret with you. Time isn’t something we have, it’s something that we take. If your life feels too busy right now there’s a good chance that it will keep being like that. There’s a good chance that you’re packing your schedule too much and that you’re not taking time to listen to yourself.

I want to help you with that!


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I am training to be a psychologist and work with a holistic, mindful and kind approach founded in cognitive behavioral therapy.

Four years ago I was in deep shit (pardon my language). I couldn’t say no and felt like I was running a marathon. I was so exhausted that I couldn’t feel happiness. I even couldn’t feel my body. I was so angry with myself because of the way I was living my life and I was blaming others for it. I was angry with my boyfriend, my family and my friends. I blamed them for the life I lived.

Until the day I broke.

I sat on the bathroom floor crying because I had to shower. It was too much. At the moment it was the shower that tilted my whole world, and the next day I got diagnosed with a depression. I’d pushed myself way too far. Over the next year I was recovering with therapy until a day in January when I was on my bike home from work and I looked up in the sky and noticed that it was blue again.

I felt like myself again and I felt happiness again.

My journey began that night in the bathroom floor. I started focusing on how to be here in this world with joy and kindness. I learned the value of having contact with my body and I learned the value of a body and mind in balance. I started working with how to get better relations, how to change my patterns because I was hiding. I was hiding from doing the things I wanted because I was afraid. I couldn’t say no, because I thought I would be letting people down when the only one I was letting down was ME.

I didn’t think that I had the right to claim my life and do what I thought was right. I realized that I have all the right – I’m the only to claim the right of my life. I’m the only one who can set myself free. That’s why I am here – on the page – because I changed my life and then you can too.

Are you ready to transform your life too?


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