Hi there! How is it going at your end of the screen? Are you holding up with December coming faster then the euro trains(are they even called that?)? I at least feel that way. Anyway today is about self-care when you feel you don’t have time for it.


December is rushing towards me and so are my exams therefore I thought I would share how I stay with my head above water instead of drowning – and how you can too. When the workload increases, but your time isn’t, it is very easy to cut down on self-care as the first thing to save time. What happens is that the bigger workload the more we stay in our head and not in the body. Losing touch with the body is very easy and common and I listed seven ideas for self-care that will connect you with your body again and make you feel better. Unfortunately I learned the hard way that cutting down on self-care in order to make ends meet are NOT the solution.

Instead self-care should exactly be what you prioritize to have time for. You need it the most when you feel you don’t have time for it.

1. Make friends with the app Calm (or any other mindfulness app)

I just fell in love with the app Calm. I have had it on my phone forever, but I never used it. Until now! I love the soothing backgrounds and they have some very nice meditations and body scans perfect for relaxing. The app also has a reminder, which is very useful if you have a tendency to cut out your self-care because you have too much to do.

2. Say it out load

I still keep being amazed by the fact that every time I feel my workload is too heavy and I feel alone and without a way out of it. I talk to someone about it and magically things solves themselves. Therefore saying it out load that the workload is too heavy might just be what you need to take some of burden of.

3. Take a yoga class

Often when I feel stressed or with too much to do I tend to lose touch with my body. It’s like I only exist in my mind and I don’t feel my body. I love yoga, not because I get more flexible but because it helps me calm my mind and connect with my body again. Yoga is practically a moving meditation and it helps me connect with my body again.

4. Create a playlist with music that soothes you

I always listen to music – in all kind of occasions, but I even more listen to music when I feel stressed and want to connect with my body, mind and heart. We all have music that touches our heart and have in instant impact on us. I created a playlist called ‘healing the heart’ with music that soothes me. You can listen to it here if you haven’t found the music that soothes you yet.

5. Take a nap

Sometimes the very best to do is going to bed in the middle of the afternoon. The length of the nap is depending on how much time you have. But I recommend to sleep either 30 or 90 minutes. An hour might sound nice, but the problem is that when you wake up you will probably feel like a train just hit you (a euro train, maybe?), because you are in the middle of a sleep cycle, more specific the deep sleep. There for 30 minutes or 90 minutes or more. I bet you feel like you don’t have the time to take a nap, but on the other hand if you just are sitting in front of the computer on Facebook, because you are too stressed to do anything, maybe it after all would be better to take a nap.

6. Take a dip in the ocean

I will suggest this one no matter where you are in the world. I would even do it in little cold Denmark. But maybe with a sauna. Nonetheless the ocean has the most amazing way of healing, connecting and recovery the body and mind. Like I wrote before it is very easy to lose touch with the body when you are staying in the head. A dip in the ocean will definitely

7. Hug someone, get a healing or a massage

I am talking physical contact. Physical contact is crucial for our well-being and it doesn’t reduce the workload, but it helps the body to relax and get contact with the body again. All kind of physical contact is counting, so make a friend, boyfriend or a family member give you a massage or a healing, hug someone long and good or Cuddle up with your cat, boyfriend, mother, friend. Anything counts.

PS. No matter what you choose remember to breathe profoundly.

Breathing is very essential to our well-being, because when we only breathe short breaths in our chest we activate our fight or flight mood. We have a tendency to breathe very shortly and fast when we feel stressed – without even noticing. Instead if we breathe long deep breathes we activate our paralimpic system which tells our brain that we can relax because there are no danger and in that way release the stress.

The truth is you do have time for self-care, because you are the most important you have.