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Hi, I’m Sandra.

“What is a life in balance?” Well, thank you for asking. I would like to explain it.  A life in balance is a happier, more free and lighter life, but only YOU know what a life in balance is to you. Maybe it’s some more time for reading, maybe some more time for family or time for your freelance business. Only you know what that balance contain.

Common for almost everyone though is that we all live too busy with too much to do. Therefore one of the most efficient tools I teach is mindfulness. Over time the hurry in life numb over desires and our dreams and that’s why mindfulness is a great tool. Because it helps slow us down and when we slow down we get in touch with who we really are.

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Stress is a natural response when you are in a situation where you need to perform extra or survive. Stress is actually a result of the fight or flight mechanism. It was a practical mechanism back in the Stone Age because we were able to survive. It can still be a...
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Do a year audit to reach your goals + free worksheets

The year is slowly (or fast) coming to an end and soon we will be entering a new year. Personally I love it, because a new year means a new start and a new beginning. I feel like it’s the perfect time of the year to create a transition and a perfect moment to...
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7 ideas for self-care when you don’t have time for it.

Hi there! How is it going at your end of the screen? Are you holding up with December coming faster then the euro trains(are they even called that?)? I at least feel that way. Anyway today is about self-care when you feel you don’t have time for it. December is...
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7 ways to reduce your stress level

Stress is definitely the disease of the century because almost everyone need to reduce their level of stress. Stress comes in different degrees and there is a big difference in the effects depending on the degree. These 7 advice or ways can’t cure you if you are...
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The reason why your life isn’t full of joy (and how to fix it)

Why is it that some people just seem a little more up than down? They seem to be a little happier like the sun is shining a little extra on them. Do you know a person like that? That person probably isn’t you because if it was, you weren’t here reading...
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